Checklist for Launching on Product Hunt

April 15, 2020
Checklist for Launching on Product Hunt
"We ended at #4 for the day and received over 200 votes on Product Hunt which we're extremely happy about! The checklist for launching on Product Hunt from @mattcrail was really useful in helping us to prepare so do check it out if you're launching your product." - Krupali / everysize / #4 Product of the Day

TL;DR: Here's the checklist

I was an avid Product Hunt reader before I ever dreamed of launching there. When we made something worthy of launching there at our last startup, I didn't know what goes into a successful launch. It didn't really occur to us that we needed to think much about it. I figured on the day of, we'd fill out our profile, hit submit and boom: Product of the Day.

By chance, before launch day, I came across the official Product Hunt guide to launching. This made me realize that it was worth putting thought into it. And thought, we did.

To be clear - we didn't make Product of the Day. You have to have a great product to pull that off. But, we probably did punch above our weight. We ended at number seven on the day. The launch generated over 300 signups, and some of our first paid users. We also got a ton of great feedback from the community.

The Guide

In forums and Slack communities, I come across a lot of people asking for tips on making their launch successful. I found myself copying and pasting my tips over and over. So, we decided to create a board in Notion. It brings together best practices, tips, places to launch, and even a checklist. Feel free to copy it into your own Notion team.

For Taskable users, we are working on a template feature. The first template, of course, will be this guide. That way, you can easily add it to your Action list. However, while we worked on that, we wanted to get this board out to the community so you could start using it right away.

So, check it out, let us know what you think, and happy launching!

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